Jersey agriculture, fishing and environmental consultancy

Client: States of Jersey

Cumulus Consultants is delighted to have been working with the States of Jersey over the past six years on a range of agriculture, fisheries and environmental consultancy.

Jersey is a Crown dependency and independent jurisdiction with the full range of responsibilities with regard to the management of its land and seas.

Our Work

As a small, flexible, multi-disciplinary consultancy, Cumulus Consultants is ideally placed to undertake work on Jersey. We are able to dovetail with colleagues at the Department of the Environment, bring and integrate different areas of expertise and provide additional capacity to develop and consultancy support.

A wide variety of policy, technical and economic projects have been undertaken including:

  • Jersey agriculture and fisheries sectors – Brexit impact assessment
  • Jersey agriculture and fisheries sectors – Brexit consultancy and advice
  • Jersey Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Assessment
  • Assessment of the Impact of the Withdrawal of the Single Area Payment and its replacement with targeted support
  • Coastal National Park Management Plan
  • Jersey Landscape Strategy
  • Review of Rural Sector Funding

Key benefits:

  • Familiarity with Jersey, its agriculture and fisheries sectors and environmental issues
  • Good relationships with departmental staff and industry stakeholders
  • A flexible part of the team, working with the client ‘on the journey’
  • Able to make connections across policy areas to achieve better outcomes
  • Expertise from across the UK and other parts of Europe
  • Pro-active and independent

Developing a relationship over several years has been of huge value. New projects, particularly when time is tight, can really get up to speed very quickly as the background work and personal relationships are already in place. Given the time constraints everyone is under these days this is significant advantage

Greg Morel, Acting Director – Marine Resources, States of Jersey