Jersey agriculture, fishing and environmental consultancy

Client: States of Jersey Cumulus Consultants is delighted to have been working with the States of Jersey over the past six years on a range of agriculture, fisheries and environmental consultancy. Jersey is a Crown dependency and independent jurisdiction with the full range of responsibilities with regard to the management of its land and seas. […]

Review of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Strategy in Jersey

Winter sunrise over Start Point Lighthouse, Devon, UK

Jersey’s ICZM strategy aims to “bring together all parties that develop, manage or use the coast to ensure that the coast is sustainable managed in an integrated way” and deliver a “single coherent set of policies to manage Jersey’s marine and coastal environment for the first time”. We reviewed the strategy (produced in 2008) in […]

Marine resources strategy for Jersey

Winter sunrise over Start Point Lighthouse, Devon, UK

We contributed to the development of Jersey’s Marine Resources Strategy which seeks to balance the needs, benefits and impacts associated with the waters around Jersey, including environmental interests and existing and potential future users. The strategy covers off the economic development of the fishing industry, development of a marine spatial planning strategy, development of a […]