Cumulus is involved in ground-breaking ELMs work

Land Rover pulling trailer in sheep field

The government’s new Environmental Land Management system (ELMs) will be underpinned by natural capital principles, so that the benefits the natural environment provides to people and wildlife are properly valued and used to inform land management decisions. The new system aims to offer land-based businesses the opportunity of a meaningful income stream from delivering environmental benefits. Developing ELMs is a challenge and an opportunity!

Key features of the new system include:

  • Farmers, foresters and other land managers in control of how they use their assets in order to satisfy commercial and government contracts.
  • Co-design with farmers and land managers, using their expertise and experience with agri-environment approaches over many decades.
  • Payments likely to be informed by the value of the environmental benefits delivered.

Cumulus Consultants is excited to be contributing to the development of ELMs by:

  • Exploring different approaches and facilitating farmer feedback via a number of DEFRA co-ordinated ‘tests and trials’ around the country; and
  • Researching a new payment methodology for ELMs as part of a consortium working on behalf of DEFRA.

We are working at the forefront of where things are happening and will keep you in the loop!

If you think we might be able to help you in your area of interest with ELMs, please do get in touch.