Taking stock of Natural Capital key for healthy businesses

Aerial photo of road through fields and trees

Paul recently had the pleasure of speaking at the RICS Rural Conference in front of a meeting of virtual delegates. Sharing a platform with Farming Minister Victoria Prentis and representatives from DEFRA, OEP, Rewilding Britain, Paul said, “It felt like farming had come home!”.

Peter Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg, has said; “As companies face increasing risks related to climate change and resource scarcity, it’s critical that we fully account for the natural capital upon which our businesses rely”. Against this backdrop of climate change, environmental and commercial pressures Paul had the opportunity to explain why managing natural capital is now more important than ever for the prosperity of the environment, the rural economy and local communities.

He finished by explaining why taking stock of natural capital is good for the future health of businesses and offered suggestions of what estates, farms and other land-based businesses could be doing to protect natural capital for future generations.