Natural capital assessment of The Church Commisioners for England’s rural, strategic and timberland portfolios

Farmer operating a tractor that is creating bails of hay next to river

The aim of this project was to undertake a greenhouse gas (carbon) assessment and a natural capital assessment of the Church Commissioners’ Rural portfolio (98,000 acres, including strategic land and minerals, in the UK) and Timberland portfolio (122,000 acres across the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia). The work  included the collation and analysis of publicly available Geographic Information System (GIS) complemented by private data provided by the client. Natural capital asset registers were then produced to show the extent and condition of key natural capital indicators. Enterprise dependencies and impacts on natural capital and ecosystem services were analysed, and risks and opportunities identified. Ecosystem services were quantified and valued. The results of this project are intended to provide the management teams of the rural, strategic land, mineral and timberland portfolios with a baseline assessment of the natural capital assets and services for these portfolios. This will enable a better understanding of the Church Commissioners’ natural capital, including the risks and opportunities associated with current management, and inform future decision-making and work with tenants.