Policy measures for agri-environmental public goods: UK case study

Poppies in a mixed wildflower field

The UK case study which we produced was one of five undertaken as part of OECD research into agri-environmental public goods in selected countries (the other case studies being Australia, Japan, Netherlands and USA). The case study explored new areas from an agri-environment perspective including: what kind of agri-environmental public goods are targeted; how are agri-environmental public goods provided for; does supply meet demand; where market failure exists, who should bear the costs for providing agri-environmental public goods; how are agri-environmental targets and reference levels set; and what policy measures are implemented for agri-environmental public goods. The case study can be viewed at: http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/agriculture-and-food/public-goods-and-externalities_5js08hw4drd1-en

Thanks to Cumulus, our papers were very well received by delegates at the OECD Joint Working Party on Agriculture and the Environment. Thank you very much for your great contribution to the OECD public goods study. It’s been a pleasure working with Cumulus.

Tetsuya Uetake, OECD