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Agriculture and Forestry

Across the world there is increasing demand for food, timber and other commodities. However, there is also a growing awareness of the need to care for the planet and the broader ecosystem services delivered by farming and forestry. It is widely acknowledged that sustainable approaches and practices are critical for future production and long-term resilience, areas where Cumulus Consultants specialise.

Logs beside a dirt road
Meadow of yellow, pink and white flowers

Cumulus are experts in sustainable farming and land management, the interface between farming, forestry and the environment, and agricultural policy and economics. We draw on practical knowledge and experience of all key farming and forestry systems, are familiar with emerging approaches (e.g. regenerative agriculture, circular farming, rewilding and natural capital), and have access to the latest data and intelligence.

Meet our team of experts

Our team provides analysis and advice on all aspects of policy relating to agriculture, forestry and environmental land management and support the development of related schemes (see ELM.). We also provide technical research into specific issues, markets and opportunities and undertake locally focused studies.

Agriculture and Forestry Projects

Our team of consultants is able to draw on its practical knowledge of key farming and forestry systems, together with our experience of emerging approaches and the latest data. Please browse through some recent examples of our work:

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